Welcome to the official website of Kokusai Kyokushin Ryu Karate Do Renmei. International Kyokushin Ryu Karate Do Federation. 国際極真流空手道連盟. We are proud to announce the launch of our new web site. My vision is really guide people to high levels in kyokushin ryu karate and this is precisely cultivation way with a different levels and different force. I need all the people which practicing my art as my student in order to prepare for cultivation way. I call my cultivation way consistently Oyamahismus and In the cultivation you have to focus on one school. The spirit of Kyokushin is based in rigorous and lifelong training,its motto is head high, eyes low, ears open, mouth shut. Kyokushin Karate provides a foundation for improving physical and mental discipline and is intended to function as a contribution to society.The Spirit of Kyokushin emanates from the Budo of Mas Oyama, "One thousand days of training completes a beginner. Ten thousand days of training begins the mastery of the art. The training to find the Ultimate Truth is a rigorous and never-ending process for the practitioner. It is a life long dedication to the Kyokushin Way. The greeting OSU used in Kyokushin resonates humility, gratitude, perseverance and above all, respect for one another.