Our philosiphy
Optimum guidance and determination can enable one to perceive and posses  a belief  so divine that one can achieve the most difficult of the challenges effortlessly. 
The same goes for the world of karate. If one believes in oneself and continues his practice with full  devotion, he gains a kind of spiritual power so majestic which gives him unexplainable mental and physical strength that Everything seems possible. He feels that he can go faster than a bullet, become sharper than a sword and become hard as a rock. I (Bala Prasad) am one of those believers. Self realisation also holds a key position in one's journey. If achieved one can be sure of one's capabilities and faults. This is much more better than going for enemy's weaknesses. I also believe that the knowledge of kyokushinryu should be used for peaceful Purposes. One should aim to devote oneself make his surroundings the way he picturises it in a positive manner. 
He should keep in mind that with great power comes great responsibilities. With the belief of being a follower of Sosai Mas  Oyama one should follow all his principles and try to implement them in daily life