Sosai Oyama with  Shihan bobby lowe 1994 before died, he gave a big mission to Bijan Fard 1988 he was supposed to spread the dojo in the Germany his dojo there the philosophy of the Kyokushin Karate but also in other places in the Eropa.But in the year 1994 our Sosai Oyama died There is a final mission for Bijan Fard along the way  In 1990 -1992- 93 he was to spread his own philosophy of the Kyokushin Karate Nichi in Germany and Europe (world).

After the death of Sosai MAS OYAMA was the new beginning of Kyokushinkaikan in Europe in the Kyokushin World Cup demonstration in Paris in 1998. I was the only Sosai Oyama later Kancho Shokei Akiyoshi Matsui Representative of Kyokushin Karate Germany in Paris1998 in this important event . Osu

Bijan MM Fard was born in the metropolis ofTeheran (Iran) and grew up there. He started his studies of martial arts at a young age. It was already very early that the "little" boy became a great fighter.
It was not only at that time that Iran produced many excellent fighters. Even today, there are excellent Kyokushin fighters (athletes) from Iran, who have devoted themselves, from head to toe, to the spirit and the philosophy of fighting sport. Among them were Bijan MM Fard, who was one of the first black belt of his country, and several winners of various championships in Iran. From 1976 to 1987, Bijan MM Fard was one of the best fighters in the Kyokushinkai-Kan organization, which had the result that he was invited to Japan to study martial arts by Mas Oyama, the legendary head of the Kyokushin.
To give you a comparison of what "Andy Hug" ( was for Switzerland, Bijan MM Fard is still today for Iran.

This great responsibility was justified by Bijan MM Fard, in which he was co-founder of the Kyokushinkai-Kan Iran, where he also worked energetically as a master (Shihan). To this day he misses his co-workers from then very much!

In 1979, Bijan MM Fard opened the first Kyokushinkai-Kan Dojo in the then home of martial arts in Tehran. With well-known athletes such as Mansur Barzegar Bijan MM Fard organized various events, demonstrations and championships.

As technical director (from 1979 to 1987) of the organization KyokushinkaiKan Iran Bijan MM Fard led the national team to several national as well as international successes.

By the upheaval of the Persian royal house, Bijan MM Fard had to leave his country. In the process, his long path of suffering led him across several international stations to the Black Forest, where he found his new home and friends.

Nestled between the new friends and our beautiful landscape of southern Baden, he now tries to educate and promote the young people in the spirit of the Koyushinkai-Kan Karate.

His credo is this:

Keep your head lowered! (Modesty)

Closed your mouth! (Quiet)

Head up with a wise spirit! (Ambition)

Respectfully respect your parents, coaches and fellow human beings! (Respect)

Treat others as you want to be treated! (Decency & discipline)

In 1988, he opened his first Dojo in Bad Sackingen (Wallbach) in Wehr (Baden) at TV Wehr 1885 eV and presented himself and his department at various events. In 1999 he built his own Dojo Powerkarate II in Bad Säckingen. However, this was then under a not so favorable star. Despite several participations in national and international competitions as well as successes, sponsors and support from municipalities remained.

Bijan MM Fard unfortunately had to accept some financial and personal setbacks during this period. So he had to close his own Dojo 21 April 2006 unfortunately. However, our Shihan would not be the man he is today, if he had let himself be driven away from his goal.

With iron wills and friends he tries to fulfill his dream of a successful Honbu Dojos with successful Koyushin-Kan karate athletes in the South-Baden region. This is also recognized by the Kyokushin-Kan organization, which has appointed him as the "Chief Executive for development of Kyokushin-Kan Karate West Europe" (responsible for the spread of the Kyokushin-Kan Karate in Western Europe).

Due to his excellent achievements around the Kokushin-Kan, Bijan MM Fard was awarded the 6 jokers Rokudan on 03.10.2009. This honor was given to him by the world-famous and already legendary Kancho Royama ( who, since the death of Sosai Masutatsu Oyama, leads the World Association of the Kyokushinkai-Kan.

For Shihan Bijan MM Fard, we wish that his dream would be fulfilled and that he could successfully settle his ideas in the southern Black Forest.


Sensei C.Vogt

The place of the birth of Kyokushin Karate in Baden-Wurttemberg was in Bad Sackingen (Wallbach) 1988.
He lives since 1988 in the beautiful Germany, in Bad Säckingen.Sie is a city in Baden-Wuerttemberg, in the district of Waldshut. The city has 16,859 inhabitants, which, from the point of view of some researchers, has the roots of its culture in modern Iran.

Persia is home to famous warriors, painters, poets, physicists and other highly educated and influential personalities - all citizens of a culturally complex and outstanding country. Already at the age of 7 years he started with wrestling, judo and other sporting activities, like also mountain hiking, which he learned from his father.

In their youth, Bijan Fard, his brothers and cousins ​​were always faced with the fact of struggling with, for example, neighbors in the truest sense of the word. It was by no means negative for him, but all in all a wonderful and sporty-fair time, because they often got even from the "rivals" tips, how to make it better.

Bijan Fard grew up at a time when, from his point of view (and therefore he was not alone), Iran opened the door to the new culture, which was then new to Western culture, and began to orient itself more and more to it.
His education lay in the hands of his beloved mother, his father and grandfather, who under severe eyes also instructed him to train and study. Shihan Fard clearly reflects his endurance and tenacity on this fundamental phase of his life.

The time of the Gulf War was not only a challenge for Sensei Fard from a military point of view, but above all also private, because during this phase died completely unexpectedly his beloved and by many very esteemed father. This was a shock for the whole family ... and for Shihan Fard a bad personal blow.
Anyone who has already lost his father or his mother can certainly understand it.
For Bijan Fard, his father was, as it were, his best friend and sensei, which greatly increased the loss. But this was not the case, for a year later, the grandfather of Shihan Fard died - but at the age of 120 years. As if this had not been enough, he and his then only 11-day-old son Morteza were left by his wife. Events of fate and events that must be accepted as they come.
Other bitter experiences, partly to the brink of the tolerable (not only for him alone) followed. But for Bijan Fard, his grandfather and father live on a different level and the thought of it gives comfort. Why should death be absolutely the end?

Shihan Fard's Karate-Do (karate-path) began in childhood. His education began under Shihan Y. Shirzad, the founder and formerly leading Sensei of Kyokushinkai Kan in Iran.
My studies in Karate and first Begirff was health

I have already learned from my great-grandfather and father the general way in which horses are treated and satellated, and how one can soothe his soul in the wild. - As well as other physical activities, which were important for me as a general skill, sportiness and my further karate training.

My grandfather knew many active Persian wrestlers and was himself a highly qualified champion. Also in the Bastani, an ancient Persian martial art that served bodybuilding as a model.

So I was recommended by him to famous masters, including World Champion, and subsequently I trained with them and then perfected my physical fitness there.

At the age of 12 to 26 I practiced with Shihan Shirzad & Soto hagino and trained in various training units and courses in a very different way. We practiced 5 times daily, especially morning, afternoon and evening. The training was unimaginably hard for outsiders. But Kancho Shirzad not only taught me physical exercises of karate, kanz and kyokushin techniques, but also moral values ​​of everyday life. In short: How to become a better person. Impossible to sum up all this in short words - I can only deal with this very limitedly.
The Performance and Physical Functions Training.




It started with the types of warm-up, so optimal function drafts are prepared, since after fast umbrella (back and forth running in different settings) After some practice, my legs were so fast that my Mawashis could no longer be seen properly. This required thousands of reps of leg techniques. And above all: discipline. I learned to keep my body upright like a tree, supported by the Hara center, but also technical tools, such as flexible metal tapes attached to the backs of my legs. Naturally, this has also had an impact on improved competitiveness and, in particular, on a stable and straightforward attitude.

Thousands of countless seiken techniques (handguns) on the abdomen of my teacher, the makiwara and tree trunks. The hardening of the wood is a technique used in Kyokushin, but this is perfected only by practicing with a lively and moving "opponent" / training partner who was mainly with me Kancho Shirzad and my brother Shihan P. Patrick Fard.

In the fight I use Mawashi and Kakoto Geri Nukite or Iponnihonken, which is rather unusual in the Kyokushin - especially with stretched fingers. In order to strengthen my fingers, I made an immense number of "Liegestütze" on sand, stones, asphalt and all conceivable documents. Finally, my fingers were so strong that I could easily split a 2 cm thick watermelon - as I said, with outstretched fingers.

Already at the age of 17 I learned the different techniques of a fighter when moving through unknown terrain or buildings. I was shown how to use different, random items (from ballpoint pens to chairs) as weapons, in order to counteract unexpected attacks. But also special training such as fight with connected eyes, combat and survival training in the wild, mainly in the mountains, forest and desert. This also includes how to eat from and in nature and for example to enhance food by using different herbs and other plants (eg cacti).

Shihan Shirzad has brought me a lot of special techniques, such as how to blind the eyes of an opponent by a blow or how to orient oneself not only to the sun, the moon and the wind direction, but to use it all for his own advantage in battle. Also as regards elements such as fire and water. For example, the wave and spiral motions of the water are absorbed and transformed into humanly implementable techniques.

"Karate" means: "Teaching hand". But it did not stop. Shihan Fard also received extensive training from various teachers in various weapon techniques such as Tonfa, Sai, Bo, Nunchaku and Messer.

Accepting deep background knowledge and special abilities of a fighter in the spirit of the samurai taught me Sir Sensei Satou Bahram Hagino, who also helped me to master Kyokushin through daily and detailed exercises. Not to mention the inestimable valuable knowledge and experiences that he received through his friend and Sensei Masutatsu Oyama and allowed me to pass on to me. Experiences which are also useful for mastering daily life.

Karate, especially Kyokushin-kan is a path of steady progress. Not only on the physical-physical level, but also in at least as intense mental form. Impressive and close-to-the-skin experiences with advanced and outstanding masters characterize every Karateka or Budoka. I would like to share a personal anecdote from 1999 with you. It took place during a world championship in Tokyo and turned around an extraordinary demonstration of my present teacher and Kancho Royama. We were wondering when the roof-beamed, massive squared wood was brought to the Tatami (battle area or demonstration area) and asked us what was to be done with it. When this was then held by some Sensei and put into position, it was clear that it was about Tameshiwari (brood). Kancho Royama took a measure and executed a fierce Mawashi Chodan. The breath broke, for the wood did not break. Then Kancho tried another four to five times. Again without success. Kancho Royama gathered again and instructed the Senseis to concentrate the wood and hold it with all his strength. And then came Kancho Royama, an eventful and truly miraculous blow from Kancho Royama, who was able to break the bar like a match. For us, this was a very impressive Kyokushin teaching and experience on the part of Kancho Royama. He showed everyone not only his exceptional physical condition, but above all the unyielding will never to give up.
Kancho Royama teacher is a real oyama experience, Sosai Oyama nimte Kancho Royama often as a role model and language for other schüller that they are supposed to look after him.Mawashie Gedan is by Kancho Royama usable and attentive technique.

The personality of Shihan Fard also shaped the course of the year and some very dangerous traveling around the world. Above all, deep and very impressive encounters and sometimes resulting long-lasting friendships with prominent personalities such as Sosai Oyama and Kancho Royama, Kancho Bluming, Kancho Alain Citrouk, Kancho Shirzad, Kancho Matsui, Shihan Andy Hug, Shihan Kazumi, Shihan Yamaki, Shihan, Francisco Filho, Shihan Nakamura, and many others who continue to embody the thoughts and teachings of Sensei Oyama. Men who honor the memory of Sosai Mas Oyama. Even though we are now part of different Kyokushin organizations, we all have the same roots, the same Sosai, Masutatsu Oyama Sensei. But also encounters and experiences with masters of other styles such as Chinese Kung-Fu & Iranian kung fu Toa, & Iranian Kanzen Ryo karate, Tai Chi and Muay Thai, TAIKIKEN are briefly mentioned.
The spirit of Sosai Oyama

There are some reasons why a Sosai Oyama orientated student should or should have a strong mind. This includes learning from the recognition and responsible avoidance of conflicts. Kyokushin stands for truth and respect.

The karate exercise of Oyama sensei means to forge the body like an iron. The Kata is the heart of the Kyokushin and the Makiwara (best a tree) is the soul of Karate. Both have to be practiced very often and intensively and always together.

The development of karate, as we know it today, began in 1901 on the Japanese island of Okinawa, decisively influenced by Sensei Funakoshi. The first modern but still traditional karate organizations and styles were then gradually established and were thus also available to a broader public.

Approximately In 1953, the next "quantum leap" took place in karate development. We owe this to the exceptional and energetic efforts of the then young Masutatsu Oyama. Further information about Sosai can be found on our pages under "We" or the following link:

Thanks to the teachings of Oyama Sensei, I am still in very good physical condition despite advanced age. The above-average and pronounced perseverance and severely reduced pain sensation, which plays a decisive role in the Kyokushin, also serves me personally, health problems (such as, for example, on 21 April 2006 a herniated disc) and on 23 Sep 2010 (Achilies Riss), 19 Dezmber 2011 Operation (Polypen ) 11.10.2012 Operation (polyps) better to be able to.

I will continue to strive to follow the teachings of Oyama Sensei faithfully and serve my fellow human beings by sharing my numerous experiences personally.

If I could give some or other reader or reader an incentive or inspiration to further or more intensive training, I would be very pleased.

Sensei Bijan Fard would like to publish a lot of unpublished events and facts from his busy and often restless life. A life that basically always had the goal of a Shihans. But this is not to be a purely private reporting, but above all also to provide fascinating insights into the historical background of the Kyokushin karate - from the beginning to the modern times.

I hope you are already looking forward to it and would like to thank you for your interest.

Coaching makes you aware.You know where they are in life and what you want to achieve or change. Shihan Fard will work with you to motivate your motifs.

Professional Coaching: Personal & Business & Sports.

A successful Karate Do, but also a general way of life in beautiful Germany and wherever you like to live wishes you


Yours, Kancho Bijan MM Fard