I started training myself in karate at the age of ten(1976) and wish to continue it till the end of time. Karate holds a special meaning in my life. It inspires me everyday to go on. I have a different opinion of this art, I perceive it as a way of living,a lifestyle. 41(2017) years have passed in my journey  and during these years I have learned several other martial arts such as kyokushin kai kan, shotokan , judo , boxing, muaythai. 

The movements and breathing involved in karate is much similar to hath yoga, which fills
an individuals body with a divine energy. It is kind of energy which can be used for peaceful as well as destructive purposes. 


With extremely hard training one can achieve a special level of self belief that he could go faster than a bullet, sharper than a sword and harder than a rock.
I belive that self realisation holds a key position in one's life as a karateka or further degrees. 
One should go on to point out and correct his faults. It takes his training to a next level.

The spirit of karate does not thrive on the victory or defeat of its participants but in the pure perfection of their indomitable will and spirit